SOme of my friends today decided to meet in the evening and prepare few sweets. We all chose to make 3 types of, out of which rasmalai was one of them...we had real fun...we made 3 sweets simultaneously...one in the microwave, one on stove top and the other one that is rasmalai in the oven.
My friend Senthil vadivu helped me to decorate a piece of rasmalai for this lovely snap.

Ricotta cheese - 2 small pack ( 15 oz each)( old fashioned ricotta cheese )
sugar - half of ricotta cheese
half and half - 1 pint ( 16 OZ)( can use more too if needed like the bigger pack of 1 quart)
cardamom powder - little
sugar- 2 tbsp for mixing in half and half
Almond flakes - 3 tbsp

AVoid using low fat or fat free ricotta cheese. You wont get good shape n thickness.

In a big mixing bowl add ricotta cheese and sugar and mix well. Transfer it to a baking tray and spread it to 1/2 inch thickness evenly... Pre heat the oven at 375 . keep it in the oven for 45 minutes at 375 degrees. Look at the edges...it should get browned and with a tooth pick prick in the middle...it should not come out in a liquid form.My rasmalai in this picture turned little darker
...so remove it few minutes earlier itself.... Remove and allow it cool really well. Then cut them into shapes of your choice( usually into big squares).

In a different vessel take half and half, little sugar and cardamom powder and mix . Pour this on the cooked and cooled ricotta cheese ... chill it in the refrigerator. Garnish with almond slices.
For the foil tray that we get in sam's club( the bigger size and the one we used above)...we have used 5 packs of ricotta cheese....You can make upto 35 - 40 slices out of it...You can just a quart of half and half for such a big amount too....when you slice the pieces...just pour in half the quantity of half and half and allow it get soaked in the fridge for few hours...later pour in the remaining half and half before serving or else the liquid will be and you will not see the pieces to slice out.

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Rasmalai was really mouth watering. I had difficulty resisting myslef till I served it to everyone. Once I got my chance, boooooooooooom it disappeared into my mouth in seconds. It was more than excellent

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