Kothu/koththu/Muttai/Egg parotta

This is a very famous street side food in south Tamilnadu - my native. They usually add chicken gravy or salna to this dish. But while making this at home we can use the same or any of the gravies like tomato kurma or vegetable kurma.
This dish is one of our family's favourite and also among friends.

Parotta/paratha - 6
Onion - 1 chopped fine
Green chillies - 2 slit long
Clove - 3
Egg - 3( can always avoid/skip this if you are a complete vegetarian..not eggeterian..)
Kurma - 1 cup
(mixed veg kurma/tomato kurma or any spicy kurma or gravy)
cilantro - few chopped
Curry leaves - few
Salt as needed
Oil - 2 - 3 tbsp

The preparation of kothu parotta is a slightly long, but the ultimate result(taste) is simply superb...this parotta is a very good choice in our usual or sudden get togethers...most of the friends will be waiting for this...this recipe was originated by a friend named Siva...but been followed regularly by other friends Senthil and kaamsi for whom we used be as helpers...

Preparation :-

1. Cook paratha(usually we use kawan brand frozen ready to cook paratha)..both sides on a tawa till brown...keep it aside and cut or tear into small pieces.

In a kadai pour very little oil and add green chillies and cloves...next add the paratha pieces and fry for a minute or two( to get them crispier)...

2. In a different kadai heat oil and fry onions till brown...next add the kurma and fry to cook till the water from the gravy disappears...now break and pour the eggs and fry well till they are cooked - just like you make egg fry or podimas. Finally add salt , pepper powder if needed and then the fried paratha pieces mix well and with the spatula itself break the parathas into small pieces, then garnish with chopped cilantro...if you do not want to use the eggs..then you can always skip that part..it will taste great even then...we have tried this many times and it tasted very good.

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Anonymous said...

Padma some important steps are missing in this. Without them this will not come with the same results as it is expected, Do you want me to post them.


Padma said...

I know what it is ...the missing item is chicken koththu parotta made with pepper chicken :D

Anonymous said...

No Padma not that one, I used to add curry leaf and other things to make it more authentic flavor. I kept them as my secrets on this recipe. The Paratha needs to be baked to crispy instead of frying them on a pan will do better. Also adding onion to the make in a differnt part will make it more authentic flavor.

Yes for sure if this would have made with peper Chicken curry would be excellent.............

Anonymous said...

I tried it without the egg.The dish was simply superb.It was really nice.


Padma said...

Thanks Ramya !!!

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