30 3rd Blog Anniversary

Padma's Recipes celebrates its "3rd Blog Anniversary" today(November 26th). On this very special day which is for me and my blog, I wish to thank all of you my readers and friends for following and encouraging me from day one until now( and to show the same in future :D). Your kind words as well as compliments are always welcome as they enlighten me and give me the energy to share my passion to you all. On this day I am not posting anything but just want to thank each one of you for your support again. Thank you so much! 
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Bread Halwa/ Pudding

I Know recently that I have not been very active in posting/blogging/blog hopping, reason being many  ( kids busy schedule, get togethers). Will be back in action soon. But, today did not want to miss posting anything as it is my Wedding Anniversary. Though I did not make this sweet today, just felt like posting a sweet which I had prepared few weeks back.
This is a very simple sweet that can be prepared in a jiffy or when you feel there is some unused bread at home that had to be consumed very soon. Can prepare it when you have unexpected guests as the time for preparation is very very less compared to other halwas.

Bread Slices - around 10 to 12( Use unsalted bread or plain bread)
Milk - 3 cups
Sugar - 1 cup( more or less as desired)
Ghee - 1/2 cup
Cardamom powder - 2 pinch
Cashew pieces - few
Almonds/Pista - few crushed(optional for crunchness)

Remove the crust of the slices and tear into small pieces.
Heat ghee in a pan and add cashew pieces, when lightly brown remove and keep aside. 

In the same remaining ghee add bread slices and fry till golden brown and crisp. 
(An other form of frying is remove the crust and apply butter or ghee and shallow fry on tawa or in a toaster and then cut or break into pieces. OR can fully deep fry in ghee for super taste :D) 

Immediately add milk and reduce flame. Let it to boil and cook. Wait till the bread is soft and melted. Add in more milk if it thickens or if not add sugar and cook. Wait for 5 minutes, also add cardamom powder and crushed almonds and pista. Mix well. Finally add fried cashew pieces. Mix and serve.
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16 NAVRANG MIXTURE / Mixed dhal/lentil Mixture

Navrang/ Navadhanya/ Mixed Dhal/lentil/Pappu/Paruppu Mixture

For this Diwali I made Rawa Laddoo, Milk Peda, Murukku, Ragi Murukku and Navrang Mixture. Navrang(9 Colors) mixture is nothing but a mix of of mixed/multi dhals/ lentils soaked seperately, dried and then deep fried. Then mixed with some spices and served. This can be stored in an air tight container for longer use. I prepared all the sweets and snacks in large quantity and distributed to my friends staying nearby and faraway places. My friends after tasting and liking all of them were praising particularly for this navrang mixture and their immediate request was to post it soon in my blog.


I used different types of dhals/ lentils and soaked. Later dried it up by spreading and then deep fried each seperately in small batches until crispy. Quantity can use any of these as per your requirement. To make in small batch can soak each of these by using a handful or by cup measurement use 1/4th cup of each

Dhals/Lentils that I used
Green Gram Dhal /Pasi Paruppu / Moong dhal
Green Whole Moong/ Pasi payiru
Dry Peas( Vatana) / B(P)attaani
Cow Peas/ Black Eyed Peas / Karamani
Red Chori / Thatta Payuru
Raw Peanuts
Channa / Konda Kadalai / Garbanzo Beans
Whole Masoor
Rajma / Kidney Beans

For seasoning/mixing:-
Salt, pepper powder, chilli powder, black salt( few pinch), chat masala( few sprinkles) - all as needed or per taste

Rinse and soak Whole Moong, Dry Peas, Black Eyed Peas, Red Chori, Channa, Whole Masoor and Rajma seperately for 6 - 8 hours or overnight.
Soak Moong dhal for one hour.
Next drain the water from alland spread each seperately in a cloth or plate to dry them out to loose out moisture.
Heat oil for deep frying and add each one of them in small batches( I added each variety seperately in small batches as each of them takes different cooking time) and deep fry till crispy until the sizzling sound stops. Remove and transfer to a mixing bowl.
As for precaution I used splatter screen just to avoid any popping and splashing out which I faced for some of them. So be careful in frying. Also wait for the oil to heat before you add in the next batch for frying.


Remove everything and transfer to a mixing bowl. Add salt, chilli powder, pepper powder, black salt and chat masala. Mix well and allow it to cool. Store in a air tight container and serve and when needed.
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