35 Multi Colored , Fruit and Bowl Shaped Kai/Suttu/Suthu Murukku

Multi Colored/ Fruit and Bowl Shaped Kai/Suttu/Suthu Murukku

Kai / Murukku or Suttu/suthu murukku is a traditional snack prepared in Tamil Nadu. In my family they make this murukku very often. My aunt and grandma are experts in making this swirls and also they do it so fast and very accurate in size and shape. In many of my posts I have mentioned about my Gomathi Athai and this recipe is also from her. Today I am happy to share her recipe in my blog.


Recipe: From Gomathi Athai and Mom
Basic Murukku recipe :- check the Kai Murukku recipe here

For a change try this colourful/ different shaped murukkus and use it for yourself or any having gatherings or function at home /family and make it look more eye chatching.
For more designs ideas:- can make as apple, Mango, Banana, Leaves, Lotus, Flowers( simple flower with leaves). Just add in the required edible color to the murukku mix as much as needed.


While making this many step by step pictures was clicked, which all got erased accidentally and now have to wait for the next batch when making this.
So for the New Year I posting a colorful/ fun (Interesting) shaped Kai/Suttu/ Suthu Murukku.

For the bowl design use any stainless stell bowl and grease in some oil inside. Start rolling from the bottom center till you are filled with the top. 


For Fruit/ Flower design: Use a paper stencil or your imagination and start rolling till a design is formed. Make sure you roll this also in a flat greased stainless steel plate.

 For frying:- Heat oil and a frying pan/kadai and when hot( not burning hot). Add the murrkus along with the plate or bowl one by one as much as the kadai fits. Do not crowd it. Wait for few minutes, after which the murukkus will seperate from the containers. Now can remove the bowl or plates with a ladle carefuly. Fry the murukkus till they are brown and cirspy. Remove and cool. Store in a air tight container and munch on when needed. 
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Wishing you all a very Happy New year 2012 !!!

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