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Welcome to Padma's Recipes. 

This is Padma and living with my family in Georgia, USA. I have a great interest in cooking and trying out varieties. I love to cook for my family and friends. My interest to blog started when my family members and friends called me up and asked for recipes or anything in particular that they had tried out at my place or during any potlucks. This way I had shared out many recipes verbally and also penned it down in a paper/sheet/book. Then one day the idea to post the same in my personel site came up so I can share the recipes which I have tried multiple times and liked by my family/friends and got good appreciation.

Note all these recipes are tried and tested many times. The quantity and measurements used are as per my family requirement. If you have any questions or concerns then leave a message below or send an email to padmasrecipes@gmail.com.

All the content in my blog are copyrighted by me. You cannot use or reproduce them in anyway without my consent.


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Neela said...

Dear Padma,

I want a printout of neer dosa's receipe.

I have visited many websites wherein the print option is also there by default unlike yours.



Padma said...

Hi Neela,

Thanks for visiting and mentioning about the print option. Will add the print option as soon as I can.

Swashi said...

Vanakam Mrs.Padma,
Really ur blog is very very useful..Thanks a ton


dipakmehra said...

mywife son n myself came 2 USA n faced de following difficulties. my wife is a pure veg. tamilian n doesent lile garlic. v stayed at hotels n found it difficult 2 get S.indian breakfast n meals. any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Hello Padma,

Would you have an easy recipe for Crispy vegetable or meat samosas please.
Thanks, Gladys

Unknown said...

Hey Padma,

I'm going to be attempting and reviewing your recipe for Mango Kulfi for Persephone Magazine next week. I will be linking to the recipe as well as encouraging people to look around to see your other content. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

உண்மையில் உங்களின் பெயரை பார்த்து சுத்த சைவ சமையல் ஏரியா என ஒதுங்க நினைத்தேன்.ஆனால் பல நான் வேஜ் சமையலும் கொடுத்து அசத்தியுள்ளீர்கள் நன்றி.

Unknown said...

Hi Padma

This is sowmya new newly subscribed your channel. i like your items very much i had one doubt can u clear me i am living in springfield illinois near to u. i am so happy. because some what i am near to u. coming to the point where do we may get the hakka noodles can u tell which grocessery should we get plz iam searching a lot for that plz response to this mail thank you

Unknown said...

I was thinking of making a Hindu meal to celebrate Punjab on April 13, and I was wondering which recipes you would recommend?

Unknown said...

Dear Padma,

I want a copy of your pithikina pappu curry recipe. Pls give your consent and send the receipe to my email ID jaytee.tlr@gmail.com

turajavadivel said...

Dear Padmi madam, I am not able to understand some words like TOOR DAL. Please give the meaning in tamil or english words. Thanks for your guiddance

kannan said...

congratsPadma, for health tips on oma water.
can water soaked with home grown omavelli green leaves be used as oma water, possibly as a health boost/drink for P.D. patients?
the lpant propagates fast , in pots with little watering.


kannan said...

congrats padma.
pl. enlighten on health potential of oma water as an antacid for patients suffering from parkinsons disease & ageing.
the plant propagates fast with little watering.
oma water can be made by water extraction of omam green laeves & stems of plant home grown in pots.

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