0 POORI ( colour reddish maroon )(BEETROOT POORI)

This is one of my mom's favourite recipe... she often makes pooris of different colours with many vegetables... like carrot...spinach..mint and coriander... beetroot... tomato...
We used to love the colours and will always choose which colours to have next...

Wheat flour - 2 cups
salt as needed
oil for frying
sugar - a pinch
Beetroot - 1 medium

Peel and chop beetroot and add them in a mixer and make a smooth paste(if needed can also little water for grinding). Strain if needed with a strainer. Most of the time I strain to get a clear liquid, but you feel that you loose the nutrition then you can add the whole juice.

Mix flour with salt and little oil , add a pinch of sugar for puffing up. Now add the paste and prepare a thick dough for poori . Allow it to set for 10 - 15 mts. Take small balls and roll as pooris. Heat oil in a frying pan ...drop the rolled pooris... press the pooris with the ladle for few seconds( this will help in puffing up)and deep fry till light or dark brown in oil.

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