Ghee Rice/Coconut Milk Rice/Peas Palav/Rice

This is one of our favourite rice, mostly liked by my son's Prithvi and Harsha a lot. My friends too appreciate a lot for the taste it has. Learnt this recipe after many trials and errors and at last found a very tasty and yet a easy recipe.

Basmati rice - 2 cups
Onion - 1 small chopped thinly length wise
Garlic - 3 or 4 flakes
Ginger - a small piece( 1 inch)
Green chillies- 4 - 5 slit long
Coconut milk - 1 1/2 cups( 1 cup if using thick milk)
Mint leaves - few
Spices - clove- 2, cinnamon- 2 small piece, jeera( cumin seeds)- 1 tsp, bay leaf - 1, cardamom
- 2
Salt as needed
- ( I mostly use butter 2 tbsp)
Cashew and raisin - little
Green peas - a handful( have used frozen peas)

Wash and soak rice for 15 minutes.

In a kadai/pan heat oil and add the spices, wait for few seconds and add onion and saute little for 2 - 3 minutes, then add green chillies, ginger garlic paste ( or ginger garlic finely chopped/grated- I usually grate them both in a small grater), fry all together and till the onions are transparent/light pink. Next add mint leaves and just mix and stir and remove from fire.

If cooking in a rice cooker add this masala to the washed and drained rice along with coconut milk, peas, butter or ghee, salt and required amount of water( consider the coconut milk as also needed water...so add just 2 1/2 more cups of water in the ratio of rice and water as 2 : 1 ratio ) Cover and cook till done.
If cooking in the same pan add all these and cook in the same vessel till done with covering the pan and in low flame.. stirring now and then. Garnish with fried cashew and raisins.

Adding butter gives a very nice taste and gloss to the rice. So instead of ghee I prefer adding butter.

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Unknown said...

Your Ghee Rice is delicious! Thank you so much for sharing with the class. Namaste!

Padma said...

Thank you MS. ALiyah. I would love to make them again :)

Ali said...

very good

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