Cheese quesadilla , one of my son Prithvi's favourite....it was so easy to make at home itself...There is no need for any recipe for this dish. But, Prithvi want me to take a snap of his favourite and post it...so here it goes

Flour Tortillas - 1 medium or small size
Grated mozarella cheese - 1 or 2 tbsp for each tortilla

Take a tortilla and spread the cheese in the middle...fold it into half and press lightly ...so it little flat...heat a tawa/griddle and place the folded tortilla on them... press well with a spatula so that it gets little crisp and the cheese can melt...turn side and repeat the same...the melted cheese will make the tortilla wrap to stick together... just remove or serve like that...or cut into half or into 3 triangular shapes and enjoy your cheese quesadilla.

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Anonymous said...

I used to often visit ur blog.but this time i gt a recipes which is so simple 4 me to make hereafter,really very nice recipes for beginners like me to make and can make on most lazy days.
Thank u 4 ur son prithvi to made u to post this and also 4 u.

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