I have tried Cashew and Badam katli many times and they have also turned out real good n tasty...but for a long time wanted to make burfi in a simple manner. This burfi , that I made is not only simple ...but, it tasted real good...my hubby was just praising and asked for more.

Blanched almonds - 3 cups( rice cooker cups)
Sweetened condensed milk - 1 can ( 12 or 14 oz can)
Unsalted butter - half stick( or 2 tbsp)

Heat a kadai in medium flame....dry roast almonds for 3 - 4 minutes without discoloring .... remove and cool...later powder fine in a dry mixer.
Take a microwavable deep glass bowl.... add all the ingredients and keep in the microwave for a minute... remove and mix well...repeat the process , until it is thick and can be transferred... just make sure you put it just or a minute and remove to mix... for me it took around 9 minutes to cook in the microwave... just grease a plate tih butter/ghee and pour the mixture on it.....press well..... let it to cool for sometime and with a knife cut into desired shapes....it tasted real good and of course very very simple.

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Anonymous said...

Thankyou very much for providing such a nice recipe.I tried this ,it came out excellent taste.
Time consumption is v.lessfor preparing this. This is the highlight of this recipe.Badam burfi is one of my favourable sweet.
Badam burfi is one of my favourable sweet onceagain thanks a lot padma.


Padma said...

You are welcome Sheela!!!
Thanks for sharing the sweet with everyone...enjoyed having it.

gtyuk said...

I love sweets in general, badam burfis are one of them that I make regularly; your method sounds simple and quick indeed, will try this the next time :)

thank you for the kind comment and for the visit, happily I found yours, lot of delicious recipes to try .... great work, keep it up!

Padma said...

Thanks AS.... try and let me know and visit often :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing one of the easiest (not to forget microwave-friendly) recipe :). Would definitely visit again to check more recipes

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