This is a recipe from my friend Athi...though making jello is a simple procedure...she tried it with layering with variety of chopped fruits. It sure was very tempting to eat. The main thing is patience of Athi to layer it...though the recipe is simple...the layering part takes time...not with work..but just to wait in patience for one layer to set fully good and then to start with the next one. She also mentioned that if we form the next layer before the first one sets...then the fruits will get down or start to float and won't look like layers...so be patient and allow each layer to set fully

Jello powder - 8 oz( strawberry flavor)
Sugar - 2 or 3 tbsp
Fruits - 2 cups( Strawberry, red grapes and kiwis)
Jello mould or any pyrex round bowl

If you want to try this with orange jello powder...then add in some orange juice as well for good taste.

Dissolve 8oz jello powder in hot water as per the direction on the carton. add two- three table spoons of sugar or as per your taste...keep it aside( don't worry about the liquid being in room temp for a long time...it will not thicken until it is kept in a refrigerator).... cut fruits and keep them ready(red grapes, strawberries, kiwis will look good. certain fruits like papaya and guava are taboo to this recipe.In a jello mold or any pyrex container pour the jello fluid of about an inch thick and set in the refrigerator till they solidify. Take it out and layer the some fruits on it( here and there).Place it back and cool it for another 30min.Remove and pour more fluid till they completely immerse the fruit layer cool again.... repeat the steps alternatively till the mold is completely filled. Chill them atleast for a day. when ready to be eaten immerse the mould in hot water for about 5-10minutes till the jello on the sides of the mold get loosened up. cover the mould with a flat plate and tilt upside down. your fruit jello is ready. give free reign to your imagination in decorating this fruit jello.
Quick tip. never ever try to quicken the setting process by keeping them in the freezer.

Variation add 2 or 3 tbsp of whipping cream to the liquid before pouring any in the mould...once the jello is cooled ully for a day...you will notice the cream coming all to the end and will look very colourful and tastier.

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Anonymous said...

Great job Athi & Padma!!! Very Good explanation padma!

Padma said...

Thanks Geetha...all the credit goes to Athi ...

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