Kaara/Kara/Spicy Chutney for Idli/Dosa

(Kara Chutney Option 1)

(Kara Chutney Option 3)

Option 1:

Red Onion or Shallots(few) - 1 big
Red chillies - 3 (according to spice required)
Tamarind - 1 inch piece
Hing/Asafoetida - 2 to 3 pinch
Salt as required

Seasoning :
Mustard seeds, urad dhal, curry leaves - all few
Gingelly oil - 1 tbsp

Use Byadige red chillies to get the nice bright red colour for the chutney.

Chop onion into big pieces and grind together with
tamarind , hing and red chillies( if you feel the red chillies do not grind finely in your mixer...then soak them in water for 20 to 30 minutes and later remove..squeeze out and then add it in the mixer) , ...do not add any water...grind to a smooth paste...transfer to a bowl and add salt.
In a small kadai/pan heat oil gingelly or olive...add mustard seeds, urad dhal and curry leaves...pour it on the chutney and mix well...tastes great with dosas...will taste more great if you are having masala dosa or potato masala/sagu as your side dish with your dosa. Got this recipe from my friend Kavitha, who made this chutney as one of the side dish for our dosa mela held at my place.
( You can also fry onion and other ingredients....and grind in a mixer for your onion chutney...tastes real good for idli/dosas...for this refer my onion chutney recipe)

Option 2:( Real Spicy)

The other version of kara chutney is very simple..you make with just red chillies and garlic...the quantity you get from it is very less...this chutney goes well with dosa..though it is very spicy.

Red chillies - 5
Garlic flakes - 4
Turmeric powder
Salt as needed

For tempering:

Oil - 1 tsp
Mustard seeds - few
Urad dhal - few
Channa dhal - few
Curry leaves - few

Take red chillies, garlic( do not remove skin), turmeric powder and salt in a mixer...just turn it on for few seconds only...so it is ground to a coarse consistency...if needed add very few drops of water.
Heat oil in a kadai and add the tempering ingredients...pour the ground mixture in it ...mix and remove.

Option 3:( Real SPicy)

Got to know this from my college friend...she used to get this mostly for idli/dosas in her lunch box... a good substitute when there is no grinding during those usual power cuts in the busy mornings...

Sambar/mulaga thool - 1 - 1 1/2 tbsp
Garlic - 3 or 4 (or even more if you like garlic)flakes with skin
Salt as required
Oil - 1 tbsp ( can use gingelly oil)

For tempering:
Mustard seeds, Urad dhal and curry leaves - all few

Heat oil in a small pan/kadai ...add mustard seeds, urad dhal and curry leaves...when they start to splutter up add crushed garlic flakes( at this point switch off flame)...fry well till they are crisp and golden brown....immediately add sambar/mulaga thool and salt...the heat is enough for it to get mixed..or will get burned.

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Amazing chutney's...

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I wanna learn more about chutney recipes. This website has given me list of so many chutneys with the details of the food with which they taste best with. But i want the recipes of all those varieties of chutney..pls help..

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My mom's signature dish, havent prepared since a long, yours makes me drool and pulling me to try soon..
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