Churmuri - the name sounds odd...but it is a very famous street side snack/chaat in Bangalore.

It is very simple to prepare at home also.
We need

Puffed rice/murmura - 2 cups
Onion - 1 small chopped fine
Tomato - 1 chopped fine( remove seeds)
Green chillies - 1 chopped fine or can also use chilli powder
Cucumber - a handful chopped fine
Carrot grated - 2 tbsp ( optional use)
Raw mango - a handful chopped fine
Crispy poori/papdi - 3 or 4 broken into half
Roasted/salted peanuts - 2 or 3 tbsp
Thin sev - 1/4 cup or can use mixutre or chevda instead of peanuts and thin sev
Salt- very little
Chat masala - a pinch
Lime juice - few drops
Cilantro - few chopped
Oil - 1 tbsp

Dry roast puffed rice in a kadai for 3 or 4 minutes ....
take a mixing bowl and add the puffed rice, onion, green chillies(or chilli powder), tomato , cripsy poori, thin sev, salted peanuts, chat masala, salt, lime juice and oil...mix well and serve...garnish with chopped cilantro, raw mango and cucumber and enjoy....I always serve this like we get on the street side...the paper fold/cones.

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