Cooking with flax is an excellent way to boost your intake of fiber. When ground in a pice mill or coffee grinder, flax is also a vegetarian source of omega - 3 fatty acids. Try adding the pleasant nutty flavor of freshly ground flax seeds to cereals, smoothies, baked goods, salads and vegetable dishes.
(Source - back cover of the packet)

Flax seeds are high in fat content so store it in a freezer or refrigerator to maximise shelf life.

This is one of my sister's recipe...she had been mentioning about flax seed and to add it in our daily cooking whenever possible and had also sent me a packet for trying out ...since I had not heard about it....and she told me a better way to try like what she does..that is making it like a chutney podi...So here it goes as per her measurement....you can always change or alter according to your style of cooking right.

Flax seeds - 2 cup
Red chillies - 4 or 5
Curry leaves - a handful
Jeera/cumin seeds - 2 tbsp
Pepper corns - 1/2 tbsp
Hing - a pinch
Salt as needed

She also mentioned about garlic and tamarind...that is raosting them in very little oil and to keep aside to add it later for powdering. I have not used these in the above picture.

In a kadai dry roast( or can also use a tbsp of oil) Jeera, pepper corn till light brown..next add red chillies and curry leaves...when they turn crispier or after a minute add hing..mix remove and keep aside. In the same kadai reduce flame add dry roast flax seeds( it will pop/sputter out a lot)...so use a lid to cover partially and roast for 3 - 4 mts...remove and cool...add eveything in a mixer or coffe grinder with salt and powder ....if needed can add tamarind and garlic in the end and switch on for just few seconds...store in a refrigerator and use as chutney podi or add little amount in vegetables too.

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