Rawa/Rava/Ravai Kesari - Kesari bath- Sooji ka Halwa

In Bangalore there is a famous dish on most of the menu card in hotels with the name Chow Chow Bath...actually chow chow means chayote...but this dish is not made or related with chow chow... The serving plate consists a scoop of rawa upma/uppittu and a scoop of rawa kesari/kesari bath. This combination is called as chow chow bath.

Sooji fine/small rawa - 1 cup
Sugar - 2 cups
Water - 3 cups
Food colour(Orange) - a dash/pinch
Ghee -3 - 4 tbsp
Oil - 1 tbsp
Cashew & Raisins - few pieces each
Cardamom powder - a pinch

Dry roast sooji in a kadai till light brown/pink....keep aside...heat 2 tbsp of ghee in a kadai and fry cashew and raisins...when they turn light brown...remove and keep aside....in the same kadai with ghee add 3 cups of water and food colour....allow the water to boil and bubble up well...once it does then reduce flame and add roasted rawa slowly and stirring constantly ... so they do not form any lumps...cook for 4 - 5 minutes and then add sugar...it will turn watery, but will thicken after few minutes....add remaining ghee and a tbsp of oil ( using oil in kesari is optional...the ghee will thicken the rawa kesari after sometime...adding oil will just loosen its texture and avoid the sticking part).....cook for another 3 - 4 minutes and finally add cardamom powder and fried cashew/raisins.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Padma,

Tried out the Rava Kesari recipe. Only added milk and water ( to make it more creamy) like my mom does. Came out really well. Thanks for sharing so many recipes. I'm sure I will visit your blog often :).


Anonymous said...

I tried out this recipe with Wheat Rava.Kesari tasted yummy. Thanks for the recipe.

anitha said...

thanks padma.i tried this reciepe.it came out very well.

Tina said...

Dear Padma,
Whenever I tried to prepare this simple dish, I used to fail miserably. I followed your recipe and it was superb!! Thank you!! Will be following your blog. - Tina Shashikanth

Tina said...

Dear Padma,
I used to fail miserably whenever I tried to prepare this simple dish. Today chanced upon your blog and my Rawa Kesari turned out so perfect!! Thank you Padma!! - Tina Shashikanth

Anonymous said...

It looks super yummieeee :)..
Can you please tell me which brand rava you have used.

Krishna said...

thanks... came out brilliantly...

Krishna said...

thanks much... came out brilliantly...

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