Green or sping onions/vengaya thala can also be made of use in the form of poriyal/dry curry. This is one of my mom's special. In Bangalore we used to get it in big bunches and very often my mom used to make this dish. This is a very simple and easy dish. The quantity that we get out of it is very less, so you can have some papads, egg along with your meal. My mom sometimes make this dish and in that itself she adds 2 or 3 egg and scrambles them. This also comes out very tasty and you can good quantity also .
So next time you see green onions, don't think it can be used just for garnishing or used in any chinese dish.

Green onions - 5 - 6 bunches( the small bunch that we get here in meijer/walmart)
Chilli powder - 1/2 tbsp
Coconut grated - 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds - very few
Urad dhal - very few
Salt as needed
Oil - 1 tsp

Wash and pat dry the green onions...late just cut the root. Try to cut the bottom stem part( white/pink in colour) and the green part seperately...The white part which looks like small onions can be used as onions for this dish, so no need for extra onions.You can look at the picture above to get an idea.
Heat oil in a kadai/pan and add mustard seeds and urad dhal...when they start to splutter up add the chopped white part/small onions...fry for a minute and add the chopped green onions...fry well till they are cooked( will take 5 - 6 minutes only..so not a big frying process)....finally add salt, chilli powder and grated coconut and mix well. Usually the greens will shrink a lot...so try to add many bunches or if not just use 2 or 3 bunch and add some broken eggs and scramble them, later add chillie powder and salt. This dish also is very tasty and simple and a different variety. Can use this with rice and or chapathis.

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BrightStar said...

Hi, you can make it the same way, adding 1/2 cup gram flour after the leaves have wilted. Cover and keep and stir after 2-3 mins. till cooked and dry. it is delicious...

Padma said...

Sure bright star will try your version of adding gram flour next time I make them ...thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments :)

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