Kosambari can be made with carrot, cucumber or moong sprouts. It can be termed as Indian salad. It is usually served as prasadam in temples or during pooja's done at home with simple gatherings. Kosambari with carrot, cucumber or with both is usually served in most of the marriages or even in simple house functions.

Moong dhal - 3/4 cup
Carrot - 2 - 3 peeled and grated
Green chillies - 3
Curry leaves - 2 broken
Mustard seeds - very few
Urad dhal - very few
Hing/asafoetida - a pinch
Salt as needed
Lime juice - few drops
Grated coconut - 1 or 2 tbsp ( optional)

Wash and soak moong dhal for 1 to 2 hours ( you can also add little salt, so the salt enters the dhal little bit)...later drain the water.
In a bowl add soaked moong dhal, grated carrot and little salt and mix.
Heat a tsp of oil in a small kadai and add mustard seeds, urad dhal, hing, chopped green chillies and curry leaves...when they splutter up...pour it on the carrot salad and mix well...add some lime juice. grated coconut also and mix....serve it immediately. If you want to serve it later, then add salt just before serving , since it will leave out water.

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Anonymous said...

Hii Padma,

The recipe seems really very interesting and easy. But my only concern is, is it safe to have raw moong dal.
thank you samantha

Padma said...

Hello Samantha. Regarding your concern to have raw moong dhal - yes it is very safe to have raw and soaked moong dhal. Is healthier too by adding in salads like this.

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