Today is Rama Navami. This panaka drink is very famously served on this day . I have had this many times in my hometown Bangalore. They used to serve this in temples after the main pooja, used to taste good and it was also prepared in many houses. This drink can also be called as a summer drink.

Jaggery - 1/2 cup
Lime/lemon - 2
Water - 3 cups
Dry ginger(chukku/sukku) -1/4 - 1/2 inch(Crushed and powdered)
Cardamom powder - a pinch
Salt - a pinch(optional)

Add jaggery( can always add more to adjust the sweetness) to the water and stir in to get it mixed well( you can also powder it lightly so it can dissolve easily) and juice of lime,salt(optional), cardamom powder and crushed dry ginger( can substitute with a pinch of pepper powder)... mix well... I like to strain it with a strainer and serve. Serve it as it is or chill. You get light or dark colour depending upon the jaggery you use.

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Anonymous said...

There is a Kerala style is there in it. In that we can have sugar, But it is not Dry Ginger. That is a winter Drink. People went to subarimalai may be knowing this.


Padma said...

Is it the water that they boil along with some root that you are mentioning. I have had them in many friend's house( Malayalees)..

Anonymous said...

No Padma,

When people are having samarimalai viratham, they have to take bath in early morning and night too. So to avoid getting cold by that this drink is adviced to take care of the cold or feaver.


Anonymous said...

Thank you So much Padmaji.Wish you n all a Happy Sri Rama Navami.

Best wishes
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